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Shepperdine Silt

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Fruit: Apple
Use: Cider
Origin and History: UK;  Presumably arose in Shepperdine, Glos.  (see – notes).
Season: Mid
Harvest Time: Sept/Oct
Store: Oct

Qualities and Taste:
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Map Reference: A 2
Form: Standard
Rootstock: MM106

Additional Information:
Provenance: Presumably arose in Shepperdine where it still grows on a farm with a long tradition of cidermaking. Collected for propagation from Manor Farm, Shepperdine. Notes: Very similar fruit to a ‘Kingston Black’ but reputed in its home district to make a better flavoured cider. According to George Hedges (b.1912/13-d.2002) this variety arose as an unlabelled bundle of young fruit trees which was bought from Gloucester Market. They were named ‘Shepperdine Silt’ on their arrival in that village. ‘Kingston Black’ has synonyms ‘Taynton Black’ and ‘Taunton Black’ while ‘Shepperdine Silt’ has ‘Black Tanker’. Further study is needed to document the differences between the ‘Kingston Black’ and the ‘Shepperdine Silt’. (Source: CM).
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