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Rodley Blackjack

<Image of Fruit - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Fruit: Plum
Use: Dessert
Origin and History: UK; Rodley, Gloucs.
Season: Mid
Harvest Time: late Aug/early Sept

Qualities and Taste:
Small fruit, green flesh, damson-like flavour with dry aftertaste. (Source: CM)
<Image of Blossom - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Map Reference: PL 3
Form: Bush

Additional Information:
Frank Gibson reported that the old people told him that Rodley Blackjacks were used for dyeing. Twin fruits may be recorded i.e. two fruits sharing one stem. This variety was widely used as a rootstock but was also grown for its own fruit. It suckers readily. Smallholders in the Rodley district used to plant the trees at an angle through their hedges with the roots in their neighbour’s land. (Source: CM)