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Morgan Sweet

<Image of Fruit - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Fruit: Apple
Use: Dessert/Cider
Origin and History: UK; originated 18th Century in Somerset
Season: Early
Harvest Time: Sept
Store: Does not store well

Qualities and Taste:
Produces an light, fruity cider ready to drink at Christmas. Eaten fresh it has a sweet, juicy, cidery tang. (Source: JM)
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Map Reference: A 45
Form: Standard
Rootstock: M 27

Additional Information:
Thought to have originated during the 18th Century in Somerset.  Well know to many living in North Somerset, its natural home, Morgan Sweet is cherished and extolled from happy childhood memories.  It was once widely planted all over Somerset, originally intended as a 'pot' fruit, much of it going to South Wales.  Once it lost that fresh fruit market, Morgan Sweet had to go for cider making only, then often fetching a lower price than other genuine cider fruits.  The fruit matures very early and its juice ferments very rapidly.  For some farms and cider-makers Morgan Sweet was popular as a source of early cider, ready for Christmas, well before the main cider had finished maturing properly. Morgan Sweet was also used as a stem builder for standard trees of other varieties. The stock was headworked once it had an established framework of branches, and each branch was grafted with a single stick.  The strong framework often takes over again in old trees, and sometimes the head will be a mixture of Morgan Sweet and a more choice but weaker variety. (Source: LC)