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<Image of Fruit - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Fruit: Pear
Use: Dessert/Cooking
Origin and History: Very old variety, noted and grown by John Evelyn in the 1600s.
Season: Early
Harvest Time: late July/eary Aug
Store: Does not store well.

Qualities and Taste:
Juicy, cream flesh, sweet, musky flavour. Can be gritty around the core. (Source: JM)
<Image of Blossom - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Map Reference: P 4
Form: Half-standard
Rootstock: Quince A

Additional Information:
The HOCO tree suffers from 'stony pit' and 'sleepiness', making ripening for dessert difficult. Members have used unripe fruit for cooking and drying, with excellent results.