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James Grieve

<Image of Fruit - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Fruit: Apple
Use: Dessert/Cooking/Juicing
Origin and History: UK; Edinburgh, Scotland, 1893
Season: Early
Harvest Time: early/mid Sept
Store: Sept-Oct

Qualities and Taste:
Savoury, juicy crisp yet melting flesh with strong acidity, which can be overpowering early in season. Acidity mellows and flesh becomes soft and marrowy; yet flavour does not fade. Makes sweet delicate stewed apple. (Source: JM).
<Image of Blossom - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Map Reference: A 28
Form: Fan
Rootstock: MM106

Additional Information:
Prone to canker. Good for juicing and drying as slow to oxidise when cut or crushed.