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<Image of Fruit - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Fruit: Plum
Use: Dessert/Cooking
Origin and History: UK; Raised by Rivers at Sawbridgeworth and introduced by them in 1885/86. Popular with Vale of Evesham growers.
Season: Mid
Harvest Time: mid/late Aug
Store: early Sept

Qualities and Taste:
Juicy cooking plum with firm flesh. Good for eating when fully ripe.
<Image of Blossom - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Map Reference: PL2
Form: Bush

Additional Information:
This stand of four plums was uncovered with HOCO began in 1998.  They look like they have grown up as suckers from the base of older trees which have been cut down. The fruit can be picked before fully ripe, and ripens well off the tree.