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Court of Wick

<Image of Fruit - size M, left aligned, wrap off>

Fruit: Apple
Use: Dessert/Cooking/Cider
Origin and History: UK; Claverham, near Yatton, before 1790
Season: Late
Harvest Time: late Sept
Store: Oct-Mar

Qualities and Taste:
Intensely fruity flavour; plenty of sugar, acidity; almost golden flesh. (Source: JM).
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Map Reference: A 11
Form: Standard
Rootstock: MM106

Additional Information:
This old apple is said to have originated at Court of Wick in Claverham, raised from a pip of Golden Pippin and 'may be considered a beautiful variety of that fruit,' to quote Billingley's Survey of Somersetshire. 'The favourite apple, both as a table and cider fruit... In shape, colour and flavour, it has not its superior'. It was introduced to commerce around 1790 by Mr Wood, nurseryman of Huntingdon.  Mature standard trees are medium sized, healthy, hardy and abundant bearers.  Hogg describes Court of Wick as one of the best and most valuable dessert apples, both as regards the hardiness of the tree and the fruit, which is rich and delicious in flavour.  It would seem that it should be more widely grown nowadays. The apples, which mature in October and are said to keep until March, are rounded, and russeted over a rich orange flush.  The wide open eye is a noticeable character.  (Source LC).