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Beauty of Bath

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Fruit: Apple
Use: Dessert
Origin and History: UK; arose with market gardeners of Bailbrook, nr Bath, Somerset. Introduced c.1884 by nurseryman G Coolings. Brought to prominence after 1888.
Season: Early
Harvest Time: late Jul/early Aug
Store: Does not store well

Qualities and Taste:
Distinctive fairly acid taste, although fully ripe has plenty of sweetness. Too early it can be like a green gooseberry; too late will taste fermented.  Flesh often stained pink under the skin. (Source: JM).
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Map Reference: A 36
Form: Espalier
Rootstock: M 26

Additional Information:
Formerly widely grown for market and in gardens. Its very short season and tendency to ‘drop’ before ripe – farmers used to put straw under the trees to catch the fruit – led to its commercial demise. (Source: JM).
Edward Hyams on Beauty of Bath. "Like all early apples this is not worth eating.  It is ready in August and is only included here for those who like to have their fruit early. It has the best scent of any apple, but this is a snare and a delusion as it has no taste, very little juice and a mealy texture."  (Fruit Trees in the Small Garden, Burke, London, 1955)