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Orchard Learning 2018 - a year-long practical learning programme

To mark its 20th anniversary, and maturing as a pioneering urban orchard, HOCO is launching an ambitious, orchard-based, practical learning programme. The 12-month course is in tune with the growing year, and offers participants a unique learning opportunity in a rich and diverse local food project.

Orchard Learning 2018 is being developed as a hands-on immersion in the workings of a complex, community orchard environment. During the learning year, participants will gather knowledge, skills, and confidence, to care for - and enjoy fruits from - trees of different varieties, ages, and characteristics.

For the upcoming membership year (February 2018-January 2019) new memberships will only be available to course participants. Here is an introduction to Orchard Learning 2018, a provisional outline with dates, and the two forms needed to apply. The deadline for applications is December 11th 2017. Please
contact us with any questions you have about the course.

Membership informtion 2017

There are different ways to get involved with Horfield Organic Community Orchard. We encourage members and supporters to take part in activities through the whole year. Seeing the seasonal growing cycle of the orchard is slow learning at its best. Please contact us if you'd like to become a member.

Harvest Share Member

Harvest Share membership is open to individuals and households who pay a yearly subscription and commit to working a minimum number of hours each year. There are full-share or half-share members. The difference in the time given is reflected by the share of the harvest received. As well as shared harvests, members also enjoy social and training events both in and out of the orchard.

Some tasks needed to keep the group going, e.g. looking after the website, administration, and publicity, can be counted towards the harvest share. The different types of membership depend on the work time committed to the orchard in a year:

Yearly subscription Yearly time - minimum commitment Harvest share
Harvest Member - Full Share £25
8 working sessions
(24 hours)
1 share
Harvest Member - Half Share  £25 
4 working sessions
(12 hours)
0.5 share
Harvest Household - Full Share  £30 
12 working sessions
(36 hours) 
1.5 share
Harvest Household - Half Share  £30 
6 working sessions
(18 hours)
0.75 share

These hours were agreed at the AGM held 29th April 2012.

A session is 2 hours November to March, 3 hours April to October.
There are 24 working meetings planned for 2017, see here for dates set so far.

A discount of £10 is available to members of either Avon Organic Group or Horfield & District Allotment Association.

Supporting Member

A supporting member pays a minimum £20 donation. They are welcome to attend member-only social events and training, and receive a selection of harvested fruit at (or near) Apple Day. Supporting members can also take part in working meetings.

Supporting Organisation

A supporting organisation pays a minimum £30 donation. Organisations can come to member-only events and are entitled to one annual group visit to the orchard for education and training.

Public Events

You can also support the orchard by coming to our public events, more details of which can be found here.